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Grow your Beard

Beards, savage and unruly, sophisticated and kempt. Some full, others sparse. Adding the appearance of age and wisdom to some, or youth and edginess to others. My bearded and beardless brothers, growing your man mane is an adventure, but not one you have to go on alone.

4 Week Rule

When growing a beard it's important to know that it will not typically grow in looking full and uniform. At about 4 weeks, depending on who you are, your beard should begin to take shape and give you an idea of your overall growing potential. This is just the beginning, and the longer you grow it, the more full, and impressive it will look. If it is looking sparse and overly patchy, wait another month and see where you are.

Beard Goals

Find your ideal beard. Let it's bristly hairs ingulf your thoughts and motivate you to achieve the same majestic status. I recommend using Pinterest, as it's a place where beards prosper and you'll find the the right beard to keep you committed to growing.


Letting your beard grow and take shape is crucial. Making sure it keeps it's form and doesn't give the impression that you've forgotten where your neck line is, or that your beard shouldn't be touching your eyelids. Boundaries are important. Not only does grooming show that you take care of yourself, it can often times give the impression of a thicker, fuller beard. I recommend finding a solid barber if you're looking to really spice things up and get beard fades and trims the right way. I recommend waiting to do any real trimming or lining up until at least 4 weeks, less if your beard grows quickly.


Keeping your new symbol of manliness maintained requires upkeep. Keeping the hairs and your skin underneath well nourished and conditioned are crucial to growth and appearance. We have all of your grooming essentials to tackle your beard growth goals. Find them here.

Stubble or Shave

Not everyone is inclined with the perfect genetics to grow the beard of their dreams, or even a decent amount of stubble. The truth is most men aren't gifted with perfect beard growing potential. At least that's how it may seem at first glance. The beards that do stand out, are the ones that were grown with patience, and worn with confidence. The longer you're growing, the more you'll have to show for it. Literally. That being said, rocking some light or heavy stubble, or a clean shave holds a man card of it's own. Personally I wear heavy stubble to a short beard. It's easier to look well groomed and keeps me from looking too much older. I am however about to go on a journey of growing my beard for multiple months. Whatever your look is, know how to maintain it with proper grooming and wear it with confidence.

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