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5 Ways to be a Better Man

Raise the standards and raise yourself. It’s time to stop making excuses. Start building on the characteristics that will make you a man that has the respect and love of those around you. This will not only make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable, but also reinforce your confidence and success. Here are 5 ways you can be a better man.

Have Integrity   

Doing what you know is right, and being honest will show those around you that you have nothing to hide.  You keep it real while keeping drama at bay, build trust with those around you, and reinforce on the ability to make hard decisions.

Stay Healthy

We all have one body, and it’s important to make sure it lasts, carrying us late into life with enough vigor to enjoy those investments, sipping martinis on the beach. Put time into yourself to eat right, exercise both physically and mentally, and also maintain your sins with moderation. It’s empowering to have a physique and mind that you can be proud of. It will distinguish you from others and show that you are a step above. Being in shape will improve your confidence, well-being and sex life.


Nothing worthwhile is easy, and nothing easy is worthwhile. Stay disciplined and committed to the routines and tasks that will establish merit. There will be times when what you have committed to, or are expected to do will require grit and tolerance. But this discipline is how you will accomplish your goals and set the standard for those around you.

Practice Humility

One of the most important aspects of humility and the ability to remain humble, is it grants perspective. When you let go of excess pride, you also let go of being arrogant, and this in turn opens up the ability to learn. You will understand and find a new level of closeness to your surroundings. Typically humility brings emotional intelligence and a new found trust with those around you, forging great characteristics of a leader. You will be able to compromise, negotiate, remain grounded and appreciate life more.

Be Passionate

Bring life, energy and enthusiasm to everything you can. Live and love to the fullest. With only one life, it would be a disservice to yourself and those around you to bring anything less than authenticity and optimism. Chase and crush your goals, or fail, learn and then succeed. Emit a raw, unique aura so that any room you walk into, people know you mean business before you even say a word.

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