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10 Fit Tips

Intermittent Fasting

This is the practice of not consuming calories within a certain window of time. Typically by pushing back your first meal of the day by 4 or more hours. Benefits include increasing insulin sensitivity, raising growth hormone, boosting metabolism, mental clarity, cellular regeneration, and usually smaller net calorie consumption for the day.

Consume More Protein

Protein is the building blocks of muscle and various other processes within our body. Protein is also thermogenic resulting in more passive calories burnt. Consuming more protein will lead to more muscular gain, energy, well-being and athletic performance. Aim for .5g - 1g of protein per lb of body mass. (Use protein powder if needed). This also will promote more beard growth! #flex.

Drink More Water

Water is the foundation for life on this planet and it's also the foundation of life for you. It is used to help regulate and perform almost all processes within the body. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, poor performance, mental fog, fatigue, weakness, sickness and death. Drinking adequate water will make you a superhuman. Aim for 8 glasses to a gallon a day depending on physical activity.

Carbohydrate Timing

Carbs can be broken down into both simple, and complex. It's directly related to the molecule of the carbohydrate and how fast the body can break it down. The speed in which it is broken down and absorbed will effect blood sugar levels and how fast they rise and fall. Complex carbs such as oats, ancient grains, rice and sprouted breads will provide a steady blood sugar level that doesn't cause a crash and fatigue. Which can be typically associated with simple carbs. However, simple carbs do have a benefit when it comes to being able to enter the blood stream quickly and spike blood sugar levels. Examples are dextrose, honey, bread, white potatoes. This elevated blood sugar spike can be timed around physical bouts of physical exertion and nutrient delivery. Consume complex carbs outside of your workout window, and simple carbs within that window.

Free Weights + Machines

Free weights exert the most overall muscle damage and neruologial recruitment. This being said, they should be the foundation of any serious weight lifting routine. Now, I'm not saying that free weights are superior to machines. Allow yourself to gain some reputable strength and stabilizer recruitment before emphasizing too heavy on machines. Machines thrive when it comes to muscle hypertrophy (growth). This is due to being able to isolate and apply various ranges of motion and lifting techniques to inflict specific muscle damage. Balance the two and you will have a well sculpted and balanced physique.


There are a lot of bunk, useless supplements on the market. But there are also some that are very beneficial and will give you the edge you need. First on the list is Creatine. Without a doubt, the most researched and reputable supplement on the market. It's a micronutrient found in red meats and seafood and some other areas. However to benefit from a full dose, a supplemental method is necessary. In short, Creatine increases water volume within muscle cells, allowing proper hydration, performance and growth. It works. And no it won't make you watery, if anything you'll look more sculpted. Next, take Zinc and Magnesium before bed to allow for deep REM cycles and proper growth hormone release. Reaching adequate protein requirements is difficult at times and a solid protein powder will give you that extra amount you need to keep slangin and bangin. Now, if you've never had your blood work done and have no idea where your hormones levels are, I strongly suggest getting them checked. For men especially, testosterone begins to decline with age as early as 25 and if you haven't had the healthiest life style or simple have lower levels, having a doctor prescribe you testosterone replacement therapy (trt) could absolutely change your life. From fat burning, vitality, muscle growth, well-being and sex drive, it's worth looking into.

Limit Sugars and Alcohol

Simply put, sugars and alcohol both can put on excess fat, water and lower testosterone levels. Keeping these in moderation will allow for the right kind of dad bod. A ripped one.

Manage stress

Stress is often referred to as the silent killer, and for good reason. Stress can turn your body into an absolute wreck of a machine. Levers and wires no longer functioning, buttons that open the wrong door and switches that fail to turn on the light bulb that is also burnt out. There's a stress hormone in the body called Cortisol. While a necessary hormone, when this hormone is elevated, it eats and wastes away your body, including muscle tissue. It raises estrogen, which can lean to more water and fat retention, which can lead to more cortisol which can lead to a road we don't want to go down. Find a way to manage stress. A positive, physical and or mental outlet to let your body remain in homeostasis and not be overrun.


Cardio and nutrition are the solution to the number one cause of death being heart related issues. Cohesively, the epidemic of obesity is rising and with it. I think there may be a connection. Being physically active and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system is absolutely crucial. Simply riding a bike, or a stationary cycle offer the most benefits in my opinion as it also limits knee and bone stress caused by consistent running. But to each their own. We all know the kind of cardio we really enjoy anyways. "Honey, close the door...".

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